Who is Bryan Ho?

I’m Bryan Ho and I’ve got a particular way of doing things.

I’ll do it once, and I’ll do it right. I’ll either give you something I’m fully satisfied with or I’d rather not give it to you at all. A name and a reputation I’m proud to call my own is what I have built my business on and will continue to expand with.

It’s no secret I have an undeniable passion for design and a love for events, yet not many know my love of good, wholesome food. These three reasons are why I am growing BHO Group.

BHO Interiors started on a laptop after I lost two jobs in two years. I had dreamt of taking the risk and this was the push I needed. With my mother and father encouraging me I had them for motivation. They believed in me and are still are my mentors who inspire me to this day.

Malaysian born, I came to Australia when I was 17 to study. First leaning towards being an accountant, then a chef, but interior design kept calling my name. It’s hard to ignore something that you feel you were born to do.

In 2009, BHO Interiors started to become the reality that I lived and breathed since. Now, eight years on, I’m putting my name behind events, hospitality and branding.

I’m excited to share a snippet of my journey with you. Follow BHO Group here for updates and new projects!